Monday, 29 July 2013

Sultan forces Madhu to take divorce from RK in Madhubala!

Drama and suspense are the keys to success as far as our television shows are concerned and Colors’ Vivian Dsena and Drashti Dhami starrer Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon will soon see some eye-opening sequences where Sultan (Avinesh Rekhi) will be seen making his re-entry.

According to the ongoing track, RK is under the police custody and his lawyer is trying every possible means to save him from the charges of murdering Sultan, who is actually not dead but pretending as the same to make RK’s life dismal and sends him jail. It is reported recently that Sultan will comeback all sudden in front of Madhu and reveal his intensions.

Now, latest update has that soon there will be a shocking thing to be witnessed by all. Sultan would enter in all filmy style and blackmail Madhubala and asks her to divorce RK. He will pressurized Madhu and under such conditions, where one side is RK’s life another her love for him, Madhu will divorce him and stay with Sultan instead. This is how the track of Madhubala will commence in all Bollywood style. Madhu will sacrifice her life to save RK and RK will remain unaware about the facts.

Will RK let his love to leave him? Will Sultan get his love share from Madhu this way? How the story will take turn now? Wait and watch.

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  1. i am feeling this show is look like a comedy where no story only punches and stupid writer who has no story line not working on same path which he promised to audience
    madhubala a different show what is different in this show
    heroin care for gangster omg tooo different ahan
    heroin help gangster omg really very different
    hero in jail who is super star no film person no director,no producer, no powerful lawyer he has and that gangster has every thing suddenly who was running from police, media, ppl hide his face his identity, his home his life now free to do every thing
    writer mind is out of mind
    VIVIAN D SENA i am your fan from PKYEK start watching this show for too. i like avinesh too but what ever in this story i can't digest.
    i now that you all are doing great job and working hard but this story make me sick