Friday, 26 July 2013

Indore College bans sleeveless tops for girls!

The reports of colleges banning revealing clothes fro girls is not new. The latest college to bar girls from wearing sleeveless tops, is Institute of Management Studies (IMS), Indore that has reportedly banned wearing of sleeveless and double meaning slogan T-shirts at college premises. According to a news agency, the HOD of the institute issued a notice saying that 'girls cannot enter in campus while wearing sleeveless and double meaning written tops'. The notice pasted on the notice board asks girls to come decently dressed to college.
HOD Dr PN Mishra told Indore City news, "The student pursuing management should have knowledge of culture. We are not opposing any kind of dressing but the motive is that student should wear proper dresses and concentrate on studies". As the adage goes, rules are meant to be broken, some girls didn't took it seriously and three girls, who wore sleeveless tops, were reportedly punished by the Director and he asked them to write an essay on 'Indian culture'. Surprisingly, girls' parents were also happy with the Director's positive step and appreciated him. Students' take As per HT report, "On the induction day, our director had mentioned that female students should not wear sleeveless dresses. As even good families do not allow their female members to go out dressed in this fashion," said Rakhi, a student of the college. Reacting to the latest diktat, another student Richa says, "The reason for the director's anti-sleeveless dress drive is that it can distract students. What concentration and distraction can a student achieve with a single inch of cloth on one's shoulder?" Sameeksha, another Student at the Institute points out, "Banning shorts or skirts in college is something I can understand, but what is the problem with a sleeveless kurta. A lot of faculty members wear sleeveless blouses and kurtas, nobody stops them."

Source : Oneindianews

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