Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Shalu to fail again to identify Prithvi and Ishwar in Junoon!

It is going quite murky to solve the identity of Prithvi and Ishwar (Aditya Redij) for everyone in Life OK’s Junoon- Aisi Nafrat Toh Kaisa Ishq, which is being produced by Beyond Dreams

The protagonist Shalu (Sara Khan) is leaving no stone unturned to bring out the real fact that Prithvi is actually faking to be Ishwar in the show. In the past few episodes, one could notice that she brought in Lakhan (Prithvi’s uncle – Mitil Jain) in the house to solve the identity crisis of Prithvi and Ishwar. But even this time, she will fail in her attempt.

Now, according to the sources, “Lakhan will tell Shalu that the person they believe to be Prithvi is actually Ishwar. Hence, back home Shalu will inform Prithvi’s family about her husband imposing as their son Prithvi. The family wouldn’t believe her and this is exactly when Ishwar will enter and reveal Prithvi’s childhood memories and every little detail that only Prithvi could have narrated. Thus, once again Shalu will be proved wrong before the family.”

While other side, female protagonist Meera (Mouni Roy) will also believe that Prithvi is her husband.

Why Prithvi has been taken two identities? What is the secret behind this? Wait and watch.

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