Saturday, 3 August 2013

Glue-bonding to be witnessed in Amita Ka Amit!

Get ready to witness some hilarious moment in the life of love stuck couple Amita and Amit (Chandni Bhagwanani and Nishad Vaidya) on Sony TV’ s romantic show Amita Ka Amit.

According to the sources, soon there will be a sequence when Amita will break a precious plate and in the run to fix it back, she and Amit will unknowingly get glued to each other by Fevicol. Sounds funny, right! Yes, the plot will open rib-tickling sequence when both will try their best to get rid off from the glueyness. Some romantic moments between their struggles will also happen before they part with each other.

Nishad confirms, “With both of their hands badly stuck to each other, Amita and Amit will try hard to find a solution to this. On one hand Amita will want to use a knife to separate each other, Amit will logically want to use hot water to lessen the effect of the gum. And by doing so, both will enjoy a romantic outing away from the family in the shower.”

The family will remain in confusion as to why they are behaving this way. Meanwhile, some dance celebration will happen when Amita’s family comes over and takes part in a highly entertaining dance and antakshari sequence.

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