Monday, 29 July 2013

Amita Ka Amit to witness a conflict between Amit and Jiggi!

Production house Swastik Productions is leaving no stone unturned to keep the audience glued to their TV screen. Next heard, there is soon going to be some high-voltage drama in Sony TV marriage drama Amita Ka Amit.

There will be some action sequence that are lined up by the maker that will begin when Jiggi (Paresh Bhatt) cousin of Amit (Nishad Vaidya)  will make his entry in the house. Jiggi is completely different from Amit in term of nature and character. Both will be seen as two opposite polls and have disagreements on slightest of issues.

As per the sources, the usually soft spoken Amit will be seen bursting with anger on Jiggi which will lead him to leave the house. “Jiggi will be seen flirting with Kajal (Amita’s sister-in-law) which will not go down well with Amit and he will start firing him for not having the decency to talk to a woman. The fight will lead to Jiggi leaving the house in a huff,” informed sources.

The protagonist Nishad also confirmed the development saying, “With a lot of perseverance, Amita and Amit made Kajal realise that she needs to stay with her husband. And as she is about to leave Amit’s house to return to her husband, Jiggi will start flirting with her. Having seen all this, Amit, who is not one to stand such behaviour will scold Jiggi. Feeling insulted at Amit’s outburst, Jiggy will leave the house.”

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