Thursday, 1 August 2013

Anaamika attempts to kill Chhavi in Sony TV's Anaamika!

After using all her lethal tricks, Anaamika, the witch played by Simran Kaur in Sony TV’s supernatural show Anaamika will again make a devious attempt to get her love Jeet (Mudit Nayar).

In the past few episodes, one could notice that she has attempted all her hoaxes on Jeet, and failing every time, made her more cunning and aggressive. She is now hell-bent to get Jeet as soon as possible and will now make a move to kill Chhavi (Shivani Surve), wife of Jeet.

Anaamika is realizing that Chhavi, who is making Jeet fall in love with her after two months of marriage, has become the biggest threat for her. She will now plan a sinister plot against Chhavi using Jeet’s dog.

“Chickoo, Jeet’s pet dog will be enchanted by Anamika and he will attack poor Chhavi who will get hurt very badly. Anamika won’t just stop at this but will use all her efforts to kill Chhavi in the coming episodes,” inform sources.

If going by the buzz doing around the town, it is also gathered that the makers of Anaamika has been toying with the idea that they will dump off Chhavi and make Anamika victorious before the show goes off air.

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