Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wants to party hard after the closure of Khoobsurat, says Soumya Seth!

After working day and night for Sony TV’s Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat, Soumya Seth is now all set to enjoy life, doing parties with friends. The show has gone off air after facing low TRPs and viewership, but it seems Soumya has no qualms of having a flop show in kitty.

She said she is pampering herself and simply enjoying her life to the fullest these days. “I will be simply partying, partying and partying. I have been constantly shooting so now I just want to party hard with my friends and socialize.”

What about the work section? Is she seeking break after doing only two dailies? Her pat reply states, “As far as the work front is concerned I am being offered many roles but somehow I am not so happy doing that. I want roles that are very unique and different and not the usual ones. A script which I hear will give me sleepless nights.”

“As of now, I am simply waiting for a very good role. I am also planning to venture out of Mumbai and enjoy myself. I am bored of Mumbai now as I have been constantly slogging hard and either I will go to my hometown or I will go out on a hill station and will be back as I need to take up a good show soon,” she ended.

Work hard and party harder is the motto of Soumya! Keep rocking girl!

Source : Bolegaindia.com

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