Friday, 26 July 2013

Shamin Mannan to quit, while Kadambari Kadam to play Bhoomi in Color' Sanskaar!

This is going to be a big shocker for television fans. Beautiful TV actress Shamin Mannan, seen as Bhoomi on Colors’ Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki has reportedly been replaced overnight in the show.

Shocking, right? Yes, we also bounced from our chair when get to know about this out of the blue action. According to sources, Shamin was suffering from major health issues which couldn’t allow her to continue her stints on the show. “She has even fainted many a times on the sets. The channel and production house were co-operative and till date, allowed Shamin to recuperate. However, the growing demands of the track have finally made way for the replacement. Shamin was informed about her substitute today, and the girl has amicably parted ways,” revealed sources.

Shamin also confirmed the news. “Yes, I am now out of Sanskaar. Stress and weakness has taken a toll. I was shooting for the show till yesterday. I am so weak that I keep have breathing problems every now and then. The doctor has advised me complete bed rest for a week. The production house tried their level best to adjust, but today I was informed that it was getting tough for them to shoot. I actually need rest for some more time, so we mutually parted ways,” she averred.

Now, who will take Bhoomi’s place in Vaishnav family? Here we have the answer too. The pretty and talented actress Kadambari Kadam who was last seen in Teen Bahuraniyan, will replace Shamin. “Yes, I will play the role of Bhoomi in Sanskaar. I will start shoot immediately,” confirmed Kadambari.

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