Thursday, 1 August 2013

Pramad to get out of control in Saraswatichandra!

Despite of having television’s most charming personalities, Gautam Rode and Jennifer Winget, this Star Plus’ much hyped show Saraswatichandra is going through some hard rocks. Yes, the show is falling on the TRP meter due to lack of fresh content and presentation.

The creative team is working day and night to make it work. They have recently introduced a plot wherein Kumud (Jennifer) shown facing trouble at her in-laws place. She is not only trying to cope up from the heartbreak given by Saraswatichandra (Gautam), but have also putting efforts to manage everything in her new house, with new man in life.

But, it seems happiness is too far from her. According to the sources, soon there will be a sequence where her husband Pramad (Anshul Trivedi) will go out of control. As seen so far, Pramad, who is a drunkard, dislikes his father Buddhidhan (Sai Balla) and is not interested in Kumud. But, he did not behave violently in the house so far.

One could also notice in the last episode that, he hurt Kumud, but nobody in the family learnt about it, except Saras. But now, Pramad’s not-so-good side is about to come out and he will be seen screaming and shouting. If that is not all, he will also end up breaking things in the house and bashing up a servant.

Everybody in the house including Kumud will be shocked to see his evil side. But, in spite of it all, she will decide to stay with him.

Let’s see what lies ahead in tonight’s episode!

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