Saturday, 3 August 2013

Bhoomi to put under false allegations in Colors' Sanskaar!

Colors’ Sanskaar-Dharohar Apno Ki produced by Anahita/Cinemantra Productions is all set to enthrall its audience with the interesting twist and turns. The new track will open trouble for protagonist Bhoomi (Kadambari Kadam) when people will raise fingers on her character and purity.

As per the last episode, Bhoomi was stopped by neighbours when she was up to perform Aarti in Parvati Jagran. They believed that since she has become impure after staying with another man (referring to her recent kidnapping) she should not be allowed to offer prayers at the temple. This will irk Kishan (Jay Soni) and other family members of Bhoomi and they will take her side.

In the coming episode Husband Kishan along with entire family will be seen standing by Bhoomi’s side and supporting her. Sources informed, “Drama will reach the next level when Bhoomi will not be given the pooja thali to keep her offerings for the pooja. However, Kishan will turn out to be her saviour as he, in a very heroic manner, will light the diya on his palm and help his wife offer prayers.”

Jay said, “Yes, one will get to see the drama in tonight’s episode. We (family) have always stood by Bhoomi and will do the same even now.”

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