Thursday, 1 August 2013

Is Vivian Dsena disobliging to Seema Mishra!

If the following reports have facts in them, then this is going to be for the first time when television heart throb Vivian Dsena comes under the allegations of being an uncooperative and disobliged co-star.

The protagonist of Colors’ popular show Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, Vivian aka RK, is reportedly not in talking terms with his on-screen bhabhi, Seema Mishra. Buzz has that they don't even exchange customary greetings on the set.  “Vivian's snide remarks irked Seema. He'd make fun of her sun sign and give her acting tips. She finally lost it and gave him a piece of her mind. Ever since, they refuse to talk to each other,” said sources.

Seema, antagonist of Madhubala accepted the reports saying, “There's no communication between Vivian and me. I maintain a distance from him. We have a working relationship, so the show doesn't suffer. I prefer to rehearse and improvise with my co-actors, but he'd rather rehearse with the assistant director. It becomes difficult at times to shoot a scene together because your co-actor may improvise in front of the camera.”

Sources close to Vivian denied buying anything what Seema said, rather they called it a publicity stunt. “This is nothing but Seema's attempt to garner publicity,” friend disclosed.

When sources got in touch with Vivian, he said, “I am cordial with my co-actors. I have no idea why Seema is giving such statements. To each their own.”

Let the gossipmonger decide who is right and who is wrong, because they both are good actors having a good professional record.

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